Saeed Abbas: Master drummer and teacher of traditional African music from Ghana West Africa


Music CDs and digital downloads

Kowanaso CD by Saeed Abbas


Kowanaso (c) 2008, a collection of some the most popular and danceable Ghanaian songs, is the second CD offering from the gifted young master drummer and virtuoso Saeed Abbas.

Abbas sings and plays all instruments; drums, sometime three at once along with bells, shakers, flute, xylophone, and his favorite, the talking drum. There are up to six overlays per piece.

GyE NyamE CD by Saeed AbbasGyE NyamE

GyE NyamE (c) 2004, the first solo recording by the young Ghanaian master drummer Saeed Abbas, is a tribute to the musical traditions he first learned from the elders of his tribe, the Hausa. This is a collection of traditional African music from Ghana West Africa with vocals, flute, drums (talking drums, kpanlogo, klinkelee).

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