Saeed Abbas: Master drummer and teacher of traditional African music from Ghana West Africa

Saeed Abbas ~ Master drummer and teacher

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Saeed Abbas on flute


Saeed is a master drummer and flutist with talent that goes well beyond the drums* and instruments of his African homeland. Although the traditional African music of Ghana is closest to his heart, in his travels around the world Saeed has mastered many other instruments and musical styles (including Jazz, Latin and Reggae!). He performs regularly with his own group as well as with many other well known musicians around the country.

*Tama (talking drum pictured), Kpanlogo, Brekete, Achimovo, Xylophone, Vocals; also Djembe, Conga and other percussion

Saeed Abbas on drumsWorkshops / Educational

Saeed teaches group workshops that are an ideal fit for learning environments such as schools and higher academic institutions, businesses and nonprofit organizations, individual groups and those interested in using percussion for healing.

Private Lessons

One-on-one private lessons for individuals and small groups

Drums and flutes

Drums and flutesHand carved by Ghanaian master craftsmen Saeed offers an array of beautiful drums and flutes for purchase

Music CDs

Saeed has recorded with many well known musicians around the world and has recorded his own CDs of traditional African music from Ghana.